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Each boat we build, whether it is a X-Treme 26, a X-Treme 32 or a X-Treme 37, reflects our passion and our pride for what we do.

We believe our clients share the same feeling. Once you order one of our boats, you become part of a 13-year old tradition of top quality high performance monohulls. You are welcome to visit and witness the birth of your boat at our production facility. If you are far away, we will gladly update you on the construction progress by sending you pictures.


We, at G-Force Yachts, are not just boat builders, we are also passionate sailors and we want you to become part of our community that is rising around the world, a community that brings all the owners of our boats together, allowing you to communicate with each other, share experiences and race against each other... Our distributors and we are here for you when you need advises on how to tweak, trim, race and squeeze out every knot your yacht has to offer. We can make very fast boats but it is you who are creating an impressive track record.

When your boat leaves the yard, that's when our relationship really begins... for a lifetime.

Welcome to the G-Force Yachts Experience!

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