Designed to win by Reichel/Pugh, built to last 



Line honours potential

IRC winning potential

ORC winning potential (Class B)

Fastest 32’ fixed keel monohull

Inshore racing

Offshore racing

Distance racing (CE A category)

Sportsboat thrills

Container transportable

Optional customized container

Optional road trailer

Optional solar panelled hardtop dodger

Optional electric engine

X-Treme 32


To create a top quality offshore racer while keeping in mind handicap systems the X-treme 32 was designed. Because rules change and often reduce the design lifespan of a race yacht, we decided to go the other way around, making ultimate thrills and performance a priority, and shaving afterwards the TCC / GPH down.


There is not a single doubt that we wanted to work with Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design. Their designs are at the cutting edge of high performance racing and always way ahead of their times. With them we developed our full carbon X-Treme 37, launched in 2004, which still grabs trophies around the world. The best racers are born on Reichel/Pugh design tables!

We had a very clear vision of what the X-Treme 32 should be, and we succeeded in making it a reality. And that's not where the story ends. We wanted to go above and beyond by offering our customers the smartest solutions in terms of inshore, offshore and distance racing, great logistic solutions and customer service.


For offshore racing, there is the option to install a removable dodger. Let's say that the X-Treme 32 will offer "sport boat thrills with offshore skills".


For transportation, we have worked on a customized 40' High Cube container, with open side, which will be equipped with:

- Canting cradle on rails to load and unload the hull easily

- Bed for the keel, which can be fixed and removed easily

- Work bench with drawers for tools- Solar panel on the roof of the container and batteries for electric tools, light...

- Custom paint with logo in any colour the client requires for the exterior

We are proud to launch an all-around racer that is beyond smart on all levels!


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